Underhill Infrastructure Services have a large, bespoke facility based in Plymouth which capable of carrying out Infrastructure Manufacturing to any customer specific requirements. Our facility is well equipped with the latest software & equipment, making it ideally placed to carry out Infrastructure Packages to customer needs.

Our team is able to offer advice and solutions to complex engineering problems through significant knowledge gained over many years. All our fabrication works are strictly controlled and carried out in accordance with Underhill Marine Services ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System. This, along with our ability to CE Mark Projects up to Execution Class 4, allows customers clear visibility of material and consumable traceability, inspection and conformity to customer specifications.


Underhill Infrastructure Services provide specialist Weld services for all manner of Infrastructure Packages. This function is supported by an extensive knowledge & expertise in the industry. We have both in-house design and fabrication capabilities that enable us to provide bespoke solutions to meet the needs of many Infrastructure Packages.

Our extensive catalogue of Weld Procedures and Coded Welders ensures Underhill Infrastructure Services can offer a solution to any Infrastructure Package. With extensive traceability and quality control. UIS ensures a quality weld every time.    

Client Feedback

“I would happily recommend you to any potential Client”

Cornwall City Council